• Dog Dubbed “Amazon Girl” Was Rescued From The Jungle With Only Days Left To Live

    One year ago - By iHeart Dogs

    David Foster is a busy man from the UK with a job that takes him all over the world, but first and foremost, he's an animal lover. Although he enjoys the work he does, his real passion is bringing joy to shelter animals.
    David tells iHeartDogs,
    “All this travelling is boring, so I would go to local animal shelters wherever I may be and give a few toys or balls for their animals.”
    Eventually, David's family and friends began giving him dog toys to take along with him on his business trips, and his hobby eventually grew into his passion project, Play for Strays. He accepts donations of toys...
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  • This Dog's Reaction To His First Snowfall Will Make Your Day

    This Dog's Reaction To His First Snowfall Will Make Your Day

    One year ago - By iHeart Dogs

    England's east coast got its first taste of winter on Thursday. Traffic slowed and trains were delayed, but none of that mattered to a Cocker Spaniel named Truffle.
    Living with his parents in York, Truffle had never seen snow before. He's a little pup with a big personality, and his first experience in the snow brought up a serious case of the snow zoomies.
    Little Truffle was so excited to see flakes falling from the sky and fresh powder on the ground that he started sprinting up and down the sidewalk. He slid and hopped in all his enthusiasm, and his mom was lucky enough to get it all on...
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