• His Wife Banned The Dog From The Bed So This Pug Papa Took Action!

    One year ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Anyone lucky enough to have shared their life with a Pug knows that they are incredibly cuddly. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to smell quite doggish - or Puggish - if you prefer.
    One particular Puglet named Violet recently found herself banned from her favorite night-time snuggle spot due to her funky aroma. In a chivalrous act of protest and solidarity, Violet's dad gave up his own place in bed to share the floor with his precious pug.
    Wow so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/a4cCYOd3vl
    - jocie fan account HH November 13, 2017
    Interestingly, Violet was not always the apple of...
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