• K9 Harlej Has Beautiful Memorial After Losing His Life While On Duty

    15 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    K9 Harlej the Belgian Malinois was 5 years old when his career with the Fishers Police Department ended. He was one of many heroic dogs that worked hard to make a difference. He made the ultimate sacrifice by risking his life to save others. His handler, Officer Jarred Koopman, was devastated by the loss of his furry friend. Jarred's family, friends, and co-workers all came to celebrate the life of this wonderful pooch.
    Image: fisherspolice/Facebook
    Harlej's Last Mission
    On the day Harlej passed away, Jarred and Harlej were called to help with a manhunt. They had to chase down a...
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