• Humane Investigations

    One year ago - By Animal Humane Society

    Humane Investigations
    Thirty-seven dogs seized
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    Animal Humane Society assisted the Bloomington Police Department with the seizure of 37 dogs housed in unsanitary kennels with no access to food or water. The dogs are part of an ongoing criminal investigation and are being safely housed and cared for at AHS.
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  • On a random visit to Animal Humane Society, we met Star

    On a random visit to Animal Humane Society, we met Star

    One year ago - By Happy Tails

    a random visit to Animal Humane Society, we met Star at
    the Golden Valley location. We were slowly looking to get a friend for our
    other dog, Remi, who we had gotten a year before from the Coon Rapids location.
    As soon as we saw her, we knew she was the one because not only did she look
    just like our other dog, but she came right up to the gate without hesitation,
    even though most of the volunteers said she is very shy. Which she was. The
    first couple days she laid by our sides until she got to know our other dog
    Remi. Weeks passed and now we can't separate the two. They are pack...
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