• Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Bladder Stones and Infections, Motion Sickness, and more

    7 monthes ago - By Dawg Business

    Bladder Stones and Infections in Dogs Dr. Donna Spector/Radio Pet Lady
    What happens when your veterinarian finds crystals in your dog's urine? Should automatically you put your dog on a prescription diet to avoid the risk of bladder stones?
    What does the presence of urinary crystals mean? What actions should you take?
    Dr. Spector's podcast is an absolute must-listen-to.
    Pets' Motion Sickness Is All in Their Ears Dr. Marty Becker
    Does your dog like going for rides or do they get sick in the car? I used to get sick in a car, so I know how those who don't do well with rides feel.
    Did you...
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