• We almost said no.. We saw a picture of

    10 monthes ago - By Happy Tails

    almost said no....
    We saw a picture of “Addie” on Animal Humane Society's website. She was
    located at the Buffalo site, which is a bit of a drive. We called the next day.
    “Was she still there?” Yes! We knew we better
    get there that day to meet her. On the drive there we talked about names we
    would like to give her. I have always liked the name Josie. It fit her too
    based on her profile picture.
    When we arrived we said we're here to meet “Addie.” We were put in
    the meeting room with her. The staff member went over “Addie's”
    history. She was 3 ½ months old. She had been previously adopted...
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