• Dog Who's Never Seen Snow Survives 19 Days Lost In Historic Blizzard

    5 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Marlee, a beautiful brindle Boxer/Mastiff mix, and her Mom, Lizbeth, have been best friends since sweet Marlee was a puppy. So naturally, they have taken many adventures together. But when they were in the midst of their most recent escapade, the unthinkable happened. Marlee's mom skidded on some black ice, and their car hit a snowbank. Marlee panicked and made a mad dash out the back window.
    Immediately after they skidded to a stop, Marlee's mom hopped out of the car and chased after her panicked pooch. But she was unable to keep up, and Marlee became lost in the snow.
    Big Bear...
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