• Silly Dog Wants To Be Just Like His Corgi Brother

    14 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Corgis are often loved for their adorable stubby legs, and most humans just can't get enough of them! Oftentimes, dog lovers playfully tease Corgis about their silly structure, but as it turns out, other dogs are entertained by their legs too! At least, Dustin the Jack Russell/Pug mix is.
    Dustin has a Corgi brother named Tayto, and he loves to tease him just like any older brother would. In fact, Dustin even tries to mimic Tayto's short legs on a daily basis. Poor Tayto just never gets a break!
    Image: dustinpup/Instagram
    Dustin and Tayto
    Dustin and Tayto might be brothers, but they're also...
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