• What Was that Lump? Survey Results and Cytology Results

    One year ago - By Dawg Business

    Were you able to identify the bump from this photo?
    I posted the quiz to make a point; thank you all for helping me make it. With the photo of a bump, there were seven possibilities one of which was the correct one.
    Congratulations, except those who said they didn't know, you were all wrong.
    Here is what your answers were:
    Fat tumor/lipoma 13.33% Sebaceous cyst 33.33% Mast cell tumor 0.00% Skin tag 13.33% Wart 13.33% Histiocytoma 13.33% Other 13.33%
    Answers under other included different versions of "I don't know."
    Regardless of what the tumor has been actually identified as, "I don't...
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