• September 28 marks WorldRabiesDay

    2 monthes ago - By Tufts University

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Rabies Day, September 28, is, “A global health observance started in 2007 to raise awareness about rabies and bring together partners to enhance prevention and control efforts worldwide.
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  • World Rhino Day - Tenth Anniversary

    World Rhino Day - Tenth Anniversary

    2 monthes ago - By Minnesota Zoo

    Did you know there are five species of rhino alive today, and all of them need our help now more than ever? Javan, Sumatran, black, greater one-horned, and white rhinos face many threats, including the possibility of extinction. World Rhino Day is an opportunity for our global community to raise awareness and raise our voices in support of rhinos and fight for a better future. Join us as we celebrate these amazing animals and use our collective power to “keep the five alive!”
    What are rhinoceros?
    There are five species of rhinoceros alive today- the Javan, Sumatran, black, greater...
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  • World Rhino Day

    World Rhino Day

    2 monthes ago - By Phoenix Zoo

    World Rhino Day
    On World Rhino Day we're raising awareness for everyone's favorite chubby unicorns! Have you ever wondered what a rhino horn is made of? Or how long a rhino horn can grow? Hoofstock Keeper Bill has the answers to your most-asked questions!
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