• Husky Rescued From Hot Car After His Human Dies In Shooting

    2 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    33-year-old Tanner Stichka died after he was shot during an altercation at a Walmart. It's unclear what led to this violent action, but amid it all, someone was forgotten. Stichka's dog, Zeke the Husky, was left alone in a hot car for over an hour. He had no idea that his human wouldn't be returning. So, he kept waiting patiently until someone spotted him and called the police.
    Thanks to kind officers and generous strangers, Zeke is now in good health with Stichka's family. So, he won't have to go through the transition alone.
    Image: Tanner L. Stichka Facebook
    A Dog Loses His Human
    In many...
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  • Support Dog Travels From Oregon To Texas After Her Human Dies Suddenly

    Support Dog Travels From Oregon To Texas After Her Human Dies Suddenly

    2 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Cami, an emotional support dog, had a chaotic week after her human suddenly passed away. She was by his side for his final breath, but then she was taken to an Oregon animal shelter. Cami's other family members were in Texas, and she had no way of traveling that far to be with them.
    But luckily, an animal rescue had a dog transport going from Texas to Cami's location. So, they kindly offered to go out of their way to bring her toward familiar faces. The transition to life without her dad will be hard, but many supportive humans are working hard to keep her life as relaxing as possible from...
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