• 9 Cutest Dogs Close-Ups To Get You Through This Monday

    6 monthes ago - By Dog Notebook

    Yes, Mondays can be tough, but that's nothing a little cuteness can't cure. Here we have some of the cutest puppers the Internet can provide right now and we hope these pooches will be able to put at least one smile upon your sad Monday face.
    Here we go!
    1. “Hey dude, can I play too?”
    Photo credit: Flickr/University of Liverpool Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
    2. “Take a picture it will last longer. Oh, you did already...”
    Photo credit: Flickr/Pål-Kristian Hamre
    3. Double trouble.
    Photo credit: Flickr/nguyen hoangnam
    4. “Yawning is my hobby.”
    Photo credit: Flickr/rosepettal28
    5. “Mine is...
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