• DIY Dog Food Recipes: Chicken, Rice & Everything Nice

    8 monthes ago - By Dog Notebook

    Photo credit: Bigstock
    Here we have another easy-to-make, healthy and delicious DIY dog food recipe that will make Fido's taste buds go berserk.
    This chicken, rice and veggie dog food treat is done in 50 minutes and it yields 12 servings.
    If you have a smaller dog, the recipe can be cut in half. In combination with a kibble, this home-cooked meal can last up to 5 days for 2 large dogs.
    3 pounds chicken meat
    2 1/2 cups frozen vegetable blend
    Note: make sure your vegetable mix doesn't contain garlic or onions!
    4 cups rice
    6 1/2 cups water
    In a large saucepan, pit...
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