• But is it safe?

    20 days ago - By 10,000 Birds

    Last week I went downhill to Paso Ancho, as I always do at some point each January. I go there to add all those Tierra Caliente specialties to my year list. The site's spectacular endemics never let me down:
    The beautiful Orange-breasted Bunting
    This female Red-breasted Chat is showing what it thinks of me.
    Fortunately, at this time of year there are also a good number of high-quality migratory species:
    Least Flycatcher
    V irginia's Warbler
    Lots of Lucifer Hummingbirds at this time of year.
    And a female Lazuli Buntin g. I dipped on the Painted Buntings this time.
    Hey, even the common...
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