• Marlin The Cat Speaks Meow & Loves To Fish, But Still Thinks He's A Dog

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    When you're the youngest kid in a pack of four, you want to be just like your older siblings. But what if you're a cat and your big brothers and sisters are dogs? Then your name might be Marlin, and you might love a good swim in the salty sea with the doggos!
    Marlin is the cutest white and orange tabby cat, but ever since coming home as a kitten, he's studied everything dogs Buxton, Hattie, Shady, and Buoy have done. And though a cat, Marlin loves life on the water just like his furry family members.
    carolinejarvis/ Instagram
    Living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his parents and...
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