• Becky Robinson's Letter of Support for California Anti-Animal Testing Bill

    1 month ago - By Alley Cat

    Alley Cat Allies President and Founder Becky Robinson sent the following letter of support for SB 879, a California bill that would “prohibit a contract testing facility from conducting a canine or feline toxicological experiment, defined as any test or study of any duration that seeks to determine the effect of the application or exposure of any amount of a chemical substance on a dog or cat...”
    June 29, 2022
    The Honorable Chris R. Holden
    Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
    California State Assembly
    RE: IN SUPPORT OF SB 879 Toxicological Testing on dogs and cats
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  • Alley Cat Allies Saves 100+ Cats and Dogs from Cruelty in an Animal Facility

    Alley Cat Allies Saves 100+ Cats and Dogs from Cruelty in an Animal Facility

    1 month ago - By Alley Cat

    Stitch, one the dogs Alley Cat Allies rescued this week from an animal facility. He's been assessed by a veterinarian and will soon be on his way to a new home!

    We are thrilled to share with you an incredible, lifesaving victory for cats and dogsand your support made it all possible! Over the past week, Alley Cat Allies jumped into action to respond to a crisis of animal cruelty in an animal facility and save more than 100 cats and dogs.
    Alley Cat Allies is a powerhouse international organization unique in our ability to stay nimble, mobilize effectively, and strategize and innovate to...
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  • Alley Cat Allies Denounces Polish Institute's Classification of Cats as Invasive Species

    1 month ago - By Alley Cat

    BETHESDA, Md., USA Alley Cat Allies denounced the classification of cats as an invasive species by the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Nature Conservation this year. Here is our response to this cruel, inaccurate, and dangerous situation:
    Make no mistake, labeling cats as invasive is a preferred first step in a broader strategy of killing them in huge numbers through ghastly cat hunts and poisonings, as Australia, New Zealand and other countries are doing. But this idea of mass killing cats will never be accepted by the compassionate society in which we live. The idea that we must...
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