• Rescue Dog Loves The Smell Of Endangered Whale Poop

    3 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    When humans smell any type of feces, they feel disgusted. But when Eba the mixed-breed dog smells whale poop, she's overjoyed. That's because Eba has learned to associate whale scat with toys.
    Eba was on the brink of death as a puppy until killer whale researcher Deborah Giles adopted her. Giles never planned for Eba to help save the whale population, but now the rescue pup is a star. Eba uses her poop-sniffing skills to save endangered whales.
    Image: eba the whale dog/Instagram
    From Rescue Dog to Rescuer
    Poor Eba was only a few weeks old when someone abandoned her outside an animal...
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