• 2 Year Old Waves To Deaf Puppy In Man's Backpack, Hoping He'll Choose Her

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Moz, described as a “hairless mess,” was found as a stray. The deaf puppy was so exhausted from being on the streets that when he was rescued, he slept for 36 hours straight.
    The poor thing had such a rough start in life, but that was all about to change! Thom, the kind man who saved his life, gave him a warm bed to sleep in and a much-needed bath when he woke up.
    Screenshot via YouTube
    Thom fosters dogs and will never turn away a dog in need that he can help. At the time Moz was rescued, he had a small doggy pack that welcomed the deaf puppy with open paws. Moz beautifully came out of his...
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