• Missing Woman's Dog Helps Lead Investigators To Her Killer

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    24-year-old Lori Slesinski disappeared from her home in Auburn, Alabama, on Saturday, June 10, 2006. Her best friend, Lindsay Braun, knew something was wrong when she found Lori's front door unlocked and her dog, Peanut, still in his crate.
    According to Braun, Lori would never go away and leave her beloved Peanut behind.
    “The door was unlocked, which was not like her... the air conditioner was running. Her dog, Peanut, was in the crate,” Braun told 48 Hours .
    Screenshot via 48 Hours
    A Dog Mom Disappears
    Although Lori had not been heard from for several days, Peanut seemed calm and happy...
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