• 6 Ways To Tell Your Dog You Love Them in ‘Doggie Language'

    8 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Pup parents know that our dogs love us deeply, even though they do not express it in the same manner as humans do. Recently, behavioral research saddened dog lovers when it showed that most dogs don't like to be hugged .
    That's not to say that our pups don't enjoy receiving affection; they live for our love and approval! Try showing them your devotion in a language they can understand.
    1. Gaze Deeply Into Their Eyes
    Dr, Brian Hare , Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University topped the NY Times best seller list with his book, The Genius of Dogs. In an interview with Anderson...
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  • 13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

    13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

    8 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    We love our pups so much that it hurts to think we could be doing something that our dogs dislike. Or that makes them uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us so much in return that sometimes, they don't make it obvious when we're doing something they hate.
    Since they can't tell us, we've compiled a list of 13 things that humans do that dogs don't actually like. But lucky for us, our favorite fuzzballs always find a way to forgive us-because that's just who they are.
    1. No Hugging
    This is not to say that all dogs dislike hugs. Some affectionate dogs will happily bask in any love that...
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