• "PEANUT" aka "REBEL" Pitbull Puppy Happy Adoption Update!

    2 years ago - By Shelter Dogs of Portland

    Happy adoption Update!
    Mar 2018
    "I adopted this pup, then known as Peanut, back in September when he was 11 weeks. He has been such a loving and welcome addition to our family. I swear he thinks he is a cat since our only other animal is a kitty. He even walks along the back of the couch like her. It's pretty adorable.He loves his kids and hasn't met a person or animal that he doesn't like. I went in to the shelter looking for an adult dog but after Rebel licked me it was game over. Thank you MCAS for helping us find each other." -Stevawn G.
    ADOPTED!Sept 2017Available for Adoption with...
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