• The left-overs. 10 birds that didn't make it onto the blog

    3 years ago - By 10,000 Birds

    The week between Christmas and New Year is always a good time to reflect on the year that just was. Amongst the highlights that featured in published posts, we find the drafts that never quite got finished, or didn't have enough photographic support to appear on the world wide web.
    The left-overs.
    Black-crested Bulbul
    So as you finish up the cold turkey and the last of the trimmings, here are the sweepings from 2017 that didn't make it.
    Checkered Woodpecker
    Great Coucal
    Greater Leafbird
    Masked Water-tyrant
    Red Wattled Lapwing
    Crested Puffin
    Plain Parakeet
    Yellow-billed Shrike...
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