• The Joys of Parenthood at Nanhui, Shanghai

    2 monthes ago - By 10,000 Birds

    At Nanhui, all bird parents are working parents - with all the stress that this brings.
    This Long-tailed Shrike probably thinks that China`s one-child policy is a really good idea.
    A Little Grebe that does not have all her ducks in a row (ok, a grebe is not a duck, I know, but still, I happily sacrifice ornithological accuracy for a bad pun)
    Count the legs, divide by two, subtract one, and you have the number of Kentish Plover chicks.
    Unfortunately, no drones available for this job yet
    My mom thinks I have a beautiful soul I
    My mom thinks I have a beautiful soul II
    Mom, don`t sit too...
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